Friday, September 25, 2009

Research on The Military Order of Knights Templar, the Byzantine Empire and Noyes


NEWPORT. Newport Tower near Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. In 1524 de Verrazano mapped it. Oaves ascribe it to 1600s, and say it is a windmill. Stands on 8 columns with arches. Great resemblance to Templar towers in England and Bornholm. All round, ambulatory, i.e., covered walkway. Astronomical alignments to Venus, Equinox, &tc. Has a keystone illumination at Winter Solstice of an egg-shaped keystone. Cistercian and Templar religious ideology of sacred feminine, female goddess. With another keystone, plotted a line across US into Midwest, extends directly to Kensington Stone 1500 mi away.

The egg shaped key stone symbolized is actually a heart "Christ" came to me in dream. Christ is in fact the "keystone" and also appears on all 4 ends of the Templar cross which I think are rudimentary hearts and symbolizes Christ to be preached and protected to all four corners of the Earth or North,South, East and West. Please note this is just a thought I had in a spiritual day dream of sorts.

Some of the runes are not old Swedish like the rest. There are also punch marks and short strokes. These special letters can be taken out and used to read as a separate code, which says ‘Grail.’ Dotted ‘R’s, which appear, are found in Sweden, but were not known until 1938. The hooked ‘X’ was found in the Larson Papers. Allegedly written in 1883 and 1885, they are supposed to be a Free-masonic. The hooked ‘X’ and 7 other symbols appear in both the Kensington Stone and Larsson Papers. Cistercian churches on Gotland have grave slabs with the rare dotted ‘R,’ and double dated, like the Kensington Stone. They used a medieval chart called the Easter Table to encode a hidden date.

Prince Henry Sinclair left on a voyage in 1398. Thought to be to hide Holy Grail. They mapped Iceland and Greenland, and heard about lands further west. Established rapport with Micmac Indians. Their oral history calls him ?Gluscop, which has exploits that match records. 17 similarities were outlined, additionally, the national Micmac flag is exactly the same as a Sinclair flag used on his ships. White cross on red field, with a star and quarter moon in the small fields. The Micmac say he built an island, called Oak Island. The hardwood species was not indigenous. He planted them to distinguish the island from the 300 other islands.

The Kensington Stone is now thought to be a land claim. A Cistercian monk, accompanying a party of Templars, likely carved it. A new translation calls it a journey of acquisition.

What precious cargo were they carrying so far West? .....NEXT

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